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AKER started its activities in the field of house and industrial kitchenware and proceeded forward to become a succesful and leading company with an identity of manufacturer in this sector in 1980.

Today AKER is company which employs over 200 workers in a closed area of 15.000 m2 with minimum production of 1500 tons stainless steel kitchenware, ceramic coated aluminum pots, electrical home appliances and pressure cookers.

Along with its experienced R&D deparment AKER company’s high quality, durable, aesthetic products are able to respond domestic and international market changes and needs thus taking its place between succesful brands which are able to define market trends all over the world.

AKER group companies’ priority aim of human health and quality continuity became AKER’s principle to manufacture as per our countries and well recognized world standards such as CE, TSE, TSEK, ISO 9001, ISO 18001.

Reacting accordingly to rapidly changing global requests, AKER carried out its export in 2014 further by creating new projects thus were able to sell its products initially to Middle East, Europe, Asian and African countries introducing AKER to world markets.



Being one of the leading manufacturer in our sector along with our creative aspects, our sole mission is to develop high quality, long lasting goods to our consumers which can be used for years in their kitchen with pleasure.


Our vision as AKER is to provide high quality standards for end consumers and be always the first to be chosen in regards to quality both in domestic and world markets with our trend defining products.


AKER’s quality policy is to provide right product on right time, with best quality and reasonable prices in accordance with highly competetive domestic and international markets and as per rapidly changing consumer demands. For this very reason, AKER will continue to develop products with its creative aspect and direct world markets in this regard.